Logo - portuguese Version - means Social Backpack
"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time”
                            T.S. Elliot

It was kind of a last minute decidion, it was decided out of the initial planning. But it was also almost a natural decision to extend my trip a little more to the African continent. Since I left India, I have been thinking, how would life be like in Africa? And thinking that if I left Brazil with the clear objective to learn as much as possible about social development and the various manifestations of poverty, nothing is more obvious than to bring back some of the African experience.

So last month I started to organize my route through the East Africa. Taking advantage of some contacts of NGOs, public projects,  international relief agencies and friends that I've made during this period of travels, I set up a roadmap for East Africa. The idea is to get out of Israel via Egypt over the Sinai desert towards some Egyptian cities and from there fly to Ethiopia, where  I'll begin my journey by land. Meanwhile, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are in the script.(Rwanda is a strong candidate)

I do not want to exaggerate the length of this additional part of the trip, because I know that my  capacity of absortion is slowly being limited. So, I made a script that fits my current situation, but I hope to become very profitable. I'm sure the script created and the planned dates will undergo several changes over time. I intend to continue writing here on the blog and updating other materials.

I invite everyone to enjoy the Project page on Facebook and participate in this initiative with comments, suggestions, ideas and in the future, building on some of what we've learned in practice.